About us.

Who we are.

At Startooy. we specialize in social solutions - or to put it simply: in crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and co-creation. We combine some features of think tank and ad agency. We write, form and create the world of your project so that you can take care of its development.  We will help you build online engagement - the crowd ready for new challenges related to your idea. So why close yourself with your thoughts, while people can give you the answers that you are looking for?

Crowd engagement.

Find people who believe in your project and involve them in it.

Social dialog.

Give yourself a clear, audible voice and let people to know you!

Our team.


Jan Nostitz-Jackowski

A man who loves a creative approach to business. For years, he advised on crowdfunding fundraising, and in 2017 he officially opened his own crowdfunding agency. He has helped dozens of projects, often building entire projects from scratch.


Karolina Piontke

A creative rationalizer of everyday life, in love with photography and computer graphics. With the crowdfunding industry for 4 years, she oversees the visual and technical aspects of the campaign and clients' social media.


Grzegorz Ficerman

As a naturally modest person, he prefers not to be active on the Internet. However, what comes out of his hand takes each of our business partners to a different level. Thanks to 25 years of experience in the graphics industry, Grzegorz is our graphic quality guarantee.