Crowdfunding is the perfect way to test your idea and to raise funds necessary to implement the project. It's not an easy task and it consists many different elements. Increase your chances and launch your project with us!

By starting with Startooy. you gain if:

     • you have creative ideas

     • you want to launch a crazy project

     • you're launching your start-up and are looking for funds

     • you don't want to reinvent the wheel

     • you want a proven team that knows what they are doing

     • you're looking for community building solutions


What we do for Your campaign

Here's how we can help you succeed.

Marketing strategy &

We will elaborate a campaign strategy, prepare a Calendarium of the project, define target groups and propose ambassadors. However, the campaign also consists of a visual part, which is why we will help in writing the video script, creating content and planning the necessary elements of the project.

Your crowd

The whole idea of crowdfunding is to build a community - and there are several ways to do it. We will define a target groups, find ambassadors and patrons, help in reaching potential supporters and in communicating with them, as well as building your own place on the interenet. Ask about landing page at Startooy..


Increase the engagement of your community before and during the campaign by creating interesting and creative competitions and social media challenges. We will provide technical and organizational support and we will ensure that competitions comply with the law.


Before starting the campaign, we will make sure that you have everything you need. Auditing and comparing a project with other already funded projects is one of the key moments of creating a campaign.

We can also help you with graphic design, selection and visualization of awards, as well as writing and shooting an interesting and engaging video for the camapign!

Don't wait and take advantage of our advanced consultations.

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