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Hundreds of projects launch in the world every day.

Check what we can do to get your idea to light -
let's talk about it and find the best solutions.

What we do?


Making a campaign is not an easy task. We do it in a comprehensive manner, and we use various media for marketing. We will advise and come up with a way to win you investors!

startup support

Let's check what you have and try to get the most out of it. We ask, collect feedback and look for solutions. Business model or target group are difficult matters - so let us help you.


Crowdfunding is the fastest growing segment of the startup financing market. However, it's not simple. We teach how to do it right and not make mistakes.


Comprehensive graphic design - from logotypes, through complete graphics for web, to social-media content. We have everything you need!

creative advertisment

Today, advertising is no longer just a banner or a TV clip. We go much wider, trying to reach people on a completely different level. Of course, a good clip is not bad.


Why is it worth?

The main goal of our agency is to help in the implementation of projects using the cooperation economy. We look at each project individually and we develop a comprehensive plan for its implementation.

Saving time

Crowdfunding is a labor-intensive activity, so develop your projectand we will help you with the campaign.

Complex service..

Texts, graphics, video, as well as several insider solution, from the beginning of cooperation at your disposal.


We are constantly developing internally, which guarantees you that yours project will always be up to date.